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About Us

The Ardenne High School Alumni Association-New York Chapter serves as a vital link among all alumni in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut areas.


It facilitates communications and sponsors a wide variety of programs and benefits that foster a spirit of loyalty, involvement and lifelong commitment to Ardenne.


Today we stand as a living testimony to the high level moral standards and values that were instilled in us as students at Ardenne. We reflect by our goals and achievements the high expectations which were imparted to us at Ardenne together with the importance of giving back and the “I can be anything I want to be” motto of life.

Mission Statement

Create opportunities for participation in the life of Ardenne by:


  • Supporting and contributing to Ardenne’s strategic plan

  • Identifying growth opportunities for present student body, and making it possible for students to participate

  • Developing and disseminating information that communicates the academic excellence of Ardenne

  • Creating programs and services for alumni to stay connected to Ardenne and each other

  • Providing financial support

We Need Your Support Today!

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